YEARS is a new collaboration with Rafael Bonachela and Sydney Dance Company.

The film is a 45 minute performance of a new dance work created for the camera. Years is a sequence of 31 solos by eight dancers responding to an original arrangement by Stephen Emmerson of Bach’s Goldberg Variations performed live by two pianos.
Each solo is considered as a dance duet between the dancer and the camera in motion, a performer and their audience, and is achieved in a single take.
The finale Aria de Capo revisits each choreography as a still image that renders the dance as a notation, like that of a musical score.
Years was commissioned as the inaugural project in the Neilsen Studio performance space and is dedicated to Carla Zampatti.


Sydney Dance Company Dancers
Richard Cilli
Davide Di Giovanni
Dean Elliott
Jackson Fisch
Jacopo Grabar
Liam Green
Luke Hayward
Emily Seymour
Mia Thompson
Chloe Young

Stephen Emmerson
Sonya Lifschitz

Choreography - Rafael Bonachela

Produced by Zaina Ahmed, Collider Films
Director of Photography - Florian Emmerich
1st Assistant Camera - Nillis Finne

2nd Assistant Camera - Jo Cameron, Carolina Izquierdo Duarte
Grip - David Litchfield 
Music Recording - Bob Scott, Jonathan Palmer
Sound Post Production - Bob Scott, Dodgy Sound
Costume - Bianca Spender
Hair & Make Up Artist - Tina Matti
Hair & Make Up Artist (Stills) - Yasmin Goonweyn
Runners - Alyssa Dimarcut, Jess Murphy
Editor - Clemens Habicht
Edit Assistant - David Ma 
Colourist - Billy Wychgel

J.S Bach ‘Goldberg Variations’ BWV988
Arranged by Stephen Emmerson for two pianos
Pianos provided by Kawaii
Concert Piano Technician - Vahe Sarmazian

Sydney Dance Company
Executive Director - Anne Dunn

Artistic Director - Rafael Bonachela
Producer - Dominic Chang

Rehearsal Director - Richard Cilli
Technical Director - Guy Harding
Stage Manager - Simon Turner
Head of Wardrobe - Annie Robinson
Programming Coordinator - Jacob Williams

With thanks to Naomi Milgrom Foundation