Phil Minton performs imagined obscenities in a Dirty Song.

The FBI was tasked to investigate the lyrical content of a 1963 Kingsman recording of the song ‘Louie Louie’ in which the unintentilligble lyrics were assumed to be profane. What was brought to light was not any obscenity hidden inside of slurred speech but rather the dirty suspicions of the puritan mind.

"Louie Louie. Oh no. Grab her way down low.

And…on that chair I’ll lay her there
I felt my bone… ah… in her hair…"

Phil Minton’s expressive free form performance is analysed and mined for suggestions of the obscene, traces of the profane hidden brazenly in plain site. If you look closely enough you will no doubt find it, regardless of any original intent or even awareness of the performer.

Artist Maxime Rossi commissioned the album ‘Dirty Song’ featuring experimental vocalist Phil Minton. This, the accompanying video promo, was directed together with Clemens Habicht. Filmed with thanks to Martin Testar and Talking Edge Studios London, with colour thanks to Matt Fezz.