The Seal Bean Bag is a life sized sculpture of a seal that lies when dormant and wakes up when used.

…what a wasted opportunity to sit on cushions when you can lie amongst seals…

The Seal is cut from a single square piece of Japanese corduroy with all the fabric used in the design of the pattern so that there is no wastage.

Seal Colony was first commissioned and exhibited as an interactive installation at the Semi Permanent Festival of Creativity and Design in Carriageworks Sydney 2022,
this first edition of 18 seals were made in three colours (chestnut, chocolate and dark chocolate), and two sizes, (medium and large). Pups (small) seals in mustard and grey were later introduced and exhibited at This Is Not A Toy Scene, Sydney, in 2022.

The Seal Bean Bag is now available through The Play Group (weblink), we recommend Envee (link) as a plant based eco alternative to traditional polystyrene beans.