Jigsaw puzzle explorations and demonstrations of colour theory.

1000 CHANGING COLOURS is a colour gamut jigsaw puzzle of 1000 pieces in which each individual tile has two distinct colour states from intersecting gradients of colour. Printed using a lenticular lens, the colours change depending on the angle of view, resulting in a radiant iridescence that shimmers in beautiful colour combinations and confuses the identity of each tile.

1000 VIBRATING COLOURS places a secondary complimentary colour gamut over the first in a polka dot figure/ground relationship. The pop-art like result is a kinetic visual effect in which the dots vibrate and float as our perception of colour is disoriented.

1000 HALFTONE COLOURS has the halftone screen of commercial four colour printing greatly enlarged to become visible. Each tile becomes an abstraction of coloured dots, with the dots themselves becoming a part of the toolkit of clues used to spatially solve the puzzle.

Available through The Play Group

Thanks again to Jeremy Wortsman.